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Link Outsourcing was founded by providing specialized back-office services such as preconstruction, project management, procurement, and accounting to the different branches of Roofing Solutions LLC, a leading commercial roofing contractor with operations in the Southeastern United States. The symbiotic relationship between both companies grew to such an extent which allowed Link Outsourcing to develop services and specialized solutions for all roofing company needs. Not only did that improve Roofing Solutions' efficiency and productivity, but it also eliminated operational redundancies, which made the company more profitable. 


Link’s ability to professionally assist other roofing companies in maximizing their profitability lead the company to expand its outreach in 2012 and relocated its headquarters to San Jose, Costa Rica. Link started providing services to other roofing contractors, manufacturers, and trade associations. The specialization of the company in the roofing industry enables us to deliver differentiated value to its customers through best-in-class expertise in preconstruction, project management, and procurement.

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